A downloadable game for Windows

You are a miner in a cave. You try to collect as much crystals as you can, but the darkness is your enemy. Luckily you have a torch and someone placed fire spots all around, to keep the darkness away. Your torch must stay alive by using the fire spots. So collect as much crystals as you can and find the exit before the darkness catches you!

Controller is fully supported!

Update :
 - Added sensitivity sliders to the in-game options.

-  Fixed the audio glitch

How to play:

  • Light up your torch at the fireplace
  • Collect crystals
  • Watch out for your torch not to burn out. (as soon as your fire is off you only have a short amount of time to relight it at a fire spot before you loose)
  • Find the exit
  • Level up with your collected crystals
  • Next round you face a bigger cave


KeepItBurning_Windows_Update3.zip 116 MB


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Great game! Love the atmosphere!

Appreciated Sparrow ^